Wind energy

Energy materials

Energy storage technology

Energy saving technology

Energy conversion and utilization

Energy and environmental engineering

Energy equipment

Power Equipment

Water and power engineering

Electrical and thermal energy

Hydrology and water resources engineering

Engineering Thermophysics

Thermal Engineering

Power Machinery and Engineering

Fluid Machinery and Engineering

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Power Systems and Automation

High Voltage and Insulation Technology

Electric Motors and Electricity

Electrical Theory and New Technology

Power Electronics and Electric Drives

Smart Grid Technology

Chemical automation and instrumentation

Manufacturing Automation

Precision Automation

Information Automation

Biomedical Automation
Aircraft structure and design

Spacecraft structure and design

Aerospace Engineering


Reliability of engine, power supply and its system

Aerospace, rocket and space systems

Development prospect and application of engines for automotive engineering and fixed power supply devices

Computer aided design in engine development

Engineering and manufacturing

Aircraft engine redesign

Operating process and engine theory

Environmental issues in aviation, energy development and space boosters

Promote the production and advanced technology of the project

Power plant and power supply system control

Aerospace systems and technologies

Aerodynamics and aeroelasticity

Aerospace dynamics and control

Aerospace propulsion

Aerospace structure

Aerospace design, testing and performance

Airworthiness and certification

Test methods and measurements

UAVs and micro air vehicles

Flight system

Aircraft structure and design

Spacecraft structure and design

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  • Submission Deadline: 2023.12.15
  • Registration Deadline: 2023.12.20
  • Conference Date: 2023.12.25
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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